Limited edition CGI digital print (limited to 10 prints) from La Ciudad de los Inmortales series of virtual sculptures and landscapes. Learn more about this series HERE



  • Size: 60.6 X 34.2  cm
  • Print: Museum grade metallic photographic paper
  • Rigid surface: Museum grade rigid PVC foam board surface light montage, ready to hang
  • Cover: Museum grade crystal plexiglass 
  • Limited edition print: Series of prints limited to 10 copies

La Ciudad de los Inmortales, take 03 | 60.6 X 34.2 cm print

    • Certificate: Hand signed and dated autenticity certificate. 
    • Handling gloves: Official soft cotton gloves to handle the artwork.

- todo es un experimento - 

Studio Victor Pérez-Rul is an art studio working on the artistic research about energy and living beings as energy processing systems, mixing through contemporary art: installation, sculpture, environments, landscaping, architecture, object design, futurism, and technological reflection.




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