Exoskeleton 1.2 is an iteration of the exoskeleton sculpture series: a sculptural and installation project that reflects and experiments with solar sculptures as energy interchanging systems as a way to understand the very basics of what a living being can be.

The sculpture obtains energy from its environment and puts energy into it too.

Exoskeleton 1.2 is a geodesic geometry based body, modular and was shown in several occasions along year 2019 and 2020, such as Bahidora Festival 2019 (Mexico), Akamba Festival 2019 (Mexico), Modern Love project Mexico (curated by Daril Fortis) and at the center for the futures and convergence of art, architecture and design: Centro de Futuros (directed by Ignacio Tovar, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico).


Exoskeleton 1.2 also reflects on the permeability of the bodies or the non-definition of their boundaries, therefore the infinity of the body as a sphere with no edges.

- todo es un experimento - 

Studio Victor Pérez-Rul is an art studio working on the artistic research about energy and living beings as energy processing systems, mixing through contemporary art: installation, sculpture, environments, landscaping, architecture, object design, futurism, and technological reflection.



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