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FRAME 152, CAM 04, 8000 px JPG.jpg
FRAME 152, CAM 04, 8000 px JPG

IXTLÁN (Mexico, 2020)


“Contemplé a los dos, uno por uno. Sus ojos eran claros y apacibles. Habían invocado una oleada de nostalgia avasalladora y, cuando parecían a punto de estallar en apasionadas lágrimas, contuvieron la marea. Creo que, por un instante ‘vi’. Vi la soledad humana como una ola gigantesca congelada frente a mí, detenida por el muro invisible de una metáfora.”


- Viaje a Ixtlán, Carlos Castaneda. Extracto.

Ixtlán is an artwork, a virtual landscape, that arises by the inspiration of Carlos Castaneda’s book Viaje a Ixtlán.

The book addresses a plethora things related with the experience of the world and the universe and the way of the warrior, a full Toltec worldview and philosophy towards our existence, its mysteries and purpose (if there is one). The search for freedom, the exercise of our will and the access to multidimensional worlds through the domain of our own perception and dreaming are just a few of the challenges that equilibrate the terror of being human with the prodigy of being human, but in the end, the ever unfinished quest, the adventure for the awe of life is always lonely.

The sea waves in this virtual landscape where generated using a Fluid Dynamics simulator.



Virtual landscape digital photo print in metallic paper

Museum grade Plexiglas and emulsion montage

75.5 x 34.5 cm

IXTLÁN - The ever revolving wave (Video loop, Mexico, 2022)

NFT+digital print available @ MArte Gallery.

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