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The Arrival

solar sculpture, Mexico 2019

The arrival is one of the resulting projects of Studio Victor Pérez-Rul being inserted at Centro de Futuros (Center for the Futures, an institute for exploration about the convergence of art, architecture and design from a Mexican perspective. Directed by Ignacio Tovar, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico). During a period of six months Victor Pérez-Rul and his studio developed experimental work and research that leaded to a series of projects related to SVPR ongoing artistic research about living beings as energy processing systems, being The Arrival a piece infused with Sci-Fi and (retro)futuristic  ideas. 

The Arrival is a solar sculpture inspired by the theories about the origin of life on Earth as an interplanetary, intergalactic contamination. This piece is thought as a spaceship that arrives to planets searching for information and to establish mutualist relationships with the surroundings. The plants carried by the sculpture act like passengers of this intergalactic device. 

This being searches on the internet for texts related to panspermia theories and reads the out loud with the help of a speech synth.

This piece was shown at the Singularity Summit Mexico and at the MUI museum in Puebla, Mexico as part of the exhibition Mexifuturismos, curated by futurist Ignacio Tovar and by Victor Pérez-Rul. Together wit the sculpture an exhibition of the research and experimentation process was mounted, the video above is part of the exhibition components, a piece on itself that explores formal, conceptual and inspirational elements.

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