En una gota de agua caben un universo y sus eternidades. Caben, por supuesto, sus bestias que flotan apacibles, caben su rumor marino y la sal disuelta, su destello de cristal, su olor prehistórico.

En el desierto y en el vacío más absoluto, verdades y fantasmas surgen y se desvanecen por igual: Cada gota del océano y cada grano del desierto, implica el resto de los planetas probables, sus bestias, sus civilizaciones, sus ruinas y sus estrellas.


A single water drop can contain a universe and its eternities. Inside, its gently floating beasts fit, their sea-murmur and the dissolved salt, their crystal glint, their prehistoric smell.

In the desert and in the most absolute vacuum, truths and ghosts arise and vanish equally: Every drop in the ocean and every desert grain imply the rest of the probable planets, their beasts, their civilizations, their ruins and their stars.






The Odds is an immersive landscape shown at the Southwest School of Art’s main gallery in San Antonio, TX (May - July 2017). This individual exhibition curated by Mary Mikel Stump is considered a whole piece on its own.

The Odds is composed by a collection of individual pieces related by their location and by their conceptual and technical origin. Installed along six tons of black, glittering sand and layered with a multitrack soundscape, this artwork was inspired by the energy-matter relationship and by retro futuristic and Sci-Fi aesthetics.

- todo es un experimento - 

Studio Victor Pérez-Rul is an art studio working on the artistic research about energy and living beings as energy processing systems, mixing through contemporary art: installation, sculpture, environments, landscaping, architecture, object design, futurism, and technological reflection.



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