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Yeah Totally immersive exhibition "the problem is, a human is only this big"

Image: from the virtual immersive exhibition organized by UK based gallery and design studio Yeah Totally, a panoramic shot of one of the three temples built as representations of three different kinds of consciousness. You can see an Exoskeleton in the top level and the travelling device Stella and Voyager orbiting the tower (top right).

Image credit: Yeah Totally Ltd.

Studio Victor Pérez-Rul is an art studio globally working on the artistic research and quest for sharing the beauty and complex experience of the mysteries of our universe and life. 


The studio works with the idea of energy and the idea of living beings as energy processing systems, it explores the limits of what we consider alive and overlaps fiction and realities with the intention of generating multilayered experiences that help to rethink our relationship with our surroundings and our inner universe.


SVPR mixes through contemporary art: installation, sculpture, environments, landscaping, architecture, object design, futurism, and technological reflection.





- eternity, spaceships -

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