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Limited edition print of the Studio Victor Pérez-Rul Logbook (R)FG204.


A biannual compilation of images and reflections by Victor Pérez-Rul that narrate the activities of the Studio Victor Pérez-Rul.


The digital version is available free HERE, but you can support this reflective exercise about art by the Studio by purchasing a printed version. Prints limited to 50 copies.


This number features:


  • Size: letter size print
  • Full color digital offset in Couche paper 
  • Binded and laminated cover 
  • Limited edition print: Series of prints limited to 50 copies
  • A secial edition spread of La Ciudad de los Inmortales, only available on this realease
  • Each copy is hand numbered and signed

Printed and signed LOGBOOK (R)FG205 limited edition. Year 2020, number 01.

  • We do not share our collectors information with any other parties. Our e-commerce intermediary manages all money transactions. We do not use your contact information by any other means of the authorized transaction. 

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